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Verne Pershing - the ART of WATER
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 by Wendy
Landscaping Artists

We had Verne and his crew update our koi ponds last fall. On the downslope side, they took out the ugly river rock and installed retaining walls and planter areas. There was too much river rock overall, so they removed more rock so that the walkway is just above the water surface. They brought in native plants from Verne's nursery and planted them around and in the pond and waterfall. Now that it's spring, the plants have all leafed out and are growing well. The pond area looks much more natural and we're very happy with the results. We plan to use Verne this year to landscape and plant other areas of our yard.

 by Carol Mattis

What he did is magnificent! As our plants grow I am sure we will be on the cover of a waterfall magazine. Every day I look out my windows and say WOW! His crew is great too. But he is expensive.

 by Barbara Carter

Verne and his crue have done projects for me for many years. they do fantastic work and things always look a lot better when they leave than when they got there. Verne has many great landscaping ideas and a lot of knowledge about gardening and water features. I strongly recommend him for improving your home landscaping

 by Sharon Diehl
Great Gardener!

Verne Pershing and his crew are my gardeners for life!! They have coordinated my plants, cleaned large acreage and designed garden spaces in two homes over the last few years. The most recent project entailed putting in French drains on two side of my current home and placing a lovely flagstone walkway with cement stairs and a cement wall colored and textured to match the flagstones. I am very happy with the results. All of Verne's work has been done in a timely and professional manner. He has an artists eye and is a pleasure to work with.

 by Pete Melnicoe
Landscaping with Passion

Verne Pershing has an uncommon ability to create landscaping environments that easily blend into and enhance natural settings. He and his wonderful crew created for us stepped waterfalls and adjacent plantings that aesthetically far exceeded anything we have seen from others who do this kind of work -- and at a very reasonable price for the work performed. Verne and his crew spent several days excavating by hand and maneuvering large rocks weighing many hundreds of pounds in an area that precluded use of heavy equipment. There was no easy way to do this work, and it would be an understatement to say that my wife and I are pleased with the result. Believe me, you will not go wrong with this guy.

 by Bruce & Glenda Dickson
They are Great Guys

We are very pleased with these guys. They are trustworthy, they really know the plants, & they go the extra mile. He treats his workers really well, and they show up on time.

 by Rollin Klink
Crystal Clear

I wanted to tell you yesterday how happy I am with the work you did cleaning out our pond. The water is crystal clear and the fish adjusted soon after returning them to the water. They like the new safe house you built for them, it gives them lots of room. Nice job, thanks. .

 by Eric & Kathy Meierotto,
Extremely Impressed!

Verne was hired to shore up our back hillside that supports our deck and previously completed landscaping. I was extremely impressed with all the extra steps he took to insure that the job was done properly. He consulted with our engineer and even brought in his own specialists to come up with the best way to handle our degrading slope. He and his crew completed the work as scheduled and to our complete satisfaction. Verne continues to check on the status of his work even now - weeks after it was completed to make sure that everything is growing, watering cycles are correct, etc. I am so pleased to recommend Verne to anyone with a simple or complicated project.

 by Mary Kay & John Brancheau,
Such a Pleasure…

Once again, thank you so much for the fine job you and your crew delivered last Friday. Such a pleasure for us spending time admiring both front and back yards. We look forward to working with you in the future. With gratitude & affection "

 by William Pfost
Professional and Thorough

I have utilized Verne for two separate projects at my home. The first was the installation of irrigation infrastructure for a new garden the was built. The work was completed professionally and thoroughly. This project was several years ago and I've never had to do any adjustments or repairs to date. The second was the creation of a natural "fence" along the back of our property to shield the road. This project included plant selections, installation, and complete irrigation. I especially appreciated Verne's detailed knowledge of native California plants that we could utilize in line with our drought situation. After a several seasons we have a back area that is both beautiful to view but also functional in the intent to provide the requested privacy.

 by Carol Ford
The Best Service with Integrity

Having recently moved into a new home, I hired Verne to provide irrigation and to design a landscape the entire yard, front and back. The lot is very steep and had been completely stripped of almost all trees and topsoil to create a building pad. Included is a photo of the rock walls and lot prior to construction. Knowing the difficulty of designing an irrigation system sufficient for this oddly shaped, steep lot, I searched for a landscaper up to the challenge.

Verne and his crew came highly recommended and I couldn’t be happier with the results. It’s a plus that he deals almost entirely in California native plants … a bonus for drought stricken California! 40 varieties of plants, shrubs and grasses were used to completely transform this barren lot; I’m very anxious for the blooming season next Spring.

Verne and his crew are conscientious, hard-working and very knowledgeable. It was a pleasure to have them arrive every day and they were so very patient with my constant questions! Verne’s services are not the cheapest around town but worth it for the peace of mind that you are getting the best service with integrity. Additionally, Verne called in consulting expertise (at his expense) as he felt necessary.

The end result is an artistic approach returning this lot back into the wooded, natural setting it was before construction.

 by Charles Moore
Woodland Meadow

Verne created a woodland meadow on a sloping hillside that is essentially a small botanical garden. His spontaneous sense of design is accompanied by a highly skilled and painstakingly thorough execution. He uses the highest quality plants, materials, and craftsmanship. He is appropriately obsessive about irrigation and drainage and uses well engineered, state of the art methods to reduce maintenance responsibilities. He supervises the hardest working crew in show business and works onsite himself a good bit of the time. In summary, I would happily recommend this firm and will gladly do further business with them as projects present themselves down the line.

 by Donna Keeler
Plain Yards into Beautiful Spaces

Verne and his crew installed pathways to our pool shed and in our back and side yards. Verne's crew did an excellent job with the installation work. Verne is extremely knowledgeable and very experienced and has the gift of converting plain yards into beautiful spaces. We had a difficult time getting him to commit to a start day, but once he started he and his crew were here daily.

 by Amy Nichols & Michael Campanali
Creating Living Spaces

We have had the pleasure of having Verne Pershing transform our unusable yard space into a beautiful, wonderful garden. Verne and his team are reliable, organized, dependable, and do what needs to be done the right way; which in today’s world is hard to find. He truly knows how to create living spaces that nourish all the senses. His expertise in the area of garden reconstruction and landscaping is truly remarkable. His knowledge of California native plants and which are the best plants for landscaping our garden made it look beautiful year around. He recently constructed a large stepped retaining wall for our house. There aren't many people who can say that they have a beautiful retaining wall; but I can, because he landscaped the wall to blend into the rest of the landscape. He truly is an artisan and really cares about his work. We recommend him without reservations, and will continue to use his services.

 by Marcia and Barry Callenberger
Professional Creativity

We have been so pleased this very professional garden artist. It begins with his overall creative talents, his fabulous crew, their punctuality, and Vern's continued accessibility and interest in coming back to give further advice!! I especially appreciated his decision to haul very large rocks from the outer edges of our property and include these natural features in our design. His suggestion to add a few rock walls completely enhanced our property.

 by Pyramid Peak HOA

Wow, the front is looking better & better. It's a thrill to turn into the sub-division these days! We, as a board & as a neighborhood want to thank you so much for the transformation you worked on the entrance to our neighborhood; you did a truly outstanding job.

 by Pat Woolston
Co-existing with Wildlife

I contracted with The Art of Gardening, in the winter of 2012/spring 2013 to landscape all sides of my house. Prior to Verne, my property was a hot, dry hillside that grew nothing but weeds. Now our house is surrounded by a native seasonally dry meadow with blooming flowers and shrubs that attracts and co-exists with wildlife. Verne's excellent crew installed irrigation, created pathways, moved rocks, amended the soil, and planted. They continue to provide periodic maintenance for me. They are not cheap, but the quality of their work and professionalism is excellent. I feel I got more than my money's worth.

 by Charlette Branch
Native Plant Paradise

Verne Pershing. The Art of Gardening, has created gardens of beauty for our property. The original project began in 2011 and several big projects later, we have a native plant paradise with walkways, waterfall, seating areas, and a beautifully fenced raised-bed garden...all with drip irrigation. Their monthly maintenance is always perfectly done. They are professional, hard-working and extremely reliable. My daughter and I highly recommend them.

 by Gladys Pedigo
Artistic Gardening

We have been very happy with the quality of design and the quality of work from Verne. We moved into a house with no landscaping and he took steep inclines and dirt and turned them into a work of art. If you want quality work by someone with an artistic eye, you need to contact Verne.

 by Gabriele Schillinger
Hard Working and Dedicated Team

I hired "The Art of Gardening" to design and develop the landscaping of my yard. Verne suggested using California native plants instead of the lawn I originally envisioned, and I am grateful for his advice. Verne's team is extremely hard working and dedicated. Verne brought a solid understanding of the engineering of the irrigation system to the project- he even solved some unrelated water pressure issues I had.

 by Andrew Fossgreen
Irrigation and maintenance

Verne Pershing has done a great job of rebuilding my irrigation system and maintaining my property twice a month after completion of the irrigation repairs. He is both reasonable in cost and has the highest quality of service. His employees are very professional and I am very satisfied with his service.

 by George Davis
Delivered in Spectacular Fashion

Verne designed and implemented a fantastic landscape for us in Pollock Pines. His crew worked from sunup to sundown. Such diligent and great workers. We wanted drainage for our front yard and a path with steps to our mailbox. Also lots of rocks and plants. Verne delivered in spectacular fashion. We intend to have him do other landscaping in the future. He has an awesome eye for landscape design. Everything he and his crew did looks completely natural and blends in with our forested property.

 by Gary and Jane Andrew
California Native Plants

After remodeling our home we needed to re-landscape, & wanted to use CA natives. We found Verne through a local nursery. Verne connected us with a landscape designer, Marcia Scott. The installation was done Fall of 2011 through Spring, 2012. We've been extremely happy with the results and the support we've had from Verne & his excellent team. We still rely on them six years later for monthly maintenance and occasional changes.

The CA foothills are beautiful. If you want your home to fit into the landscape, using native plants is a natural solution. Using the expertise of someone like Verne & his team to help you makes sense too. I’d recommend Verne's The Art of Gardening to anyone considering this kind of project.

 by Yvonne Sansome, The GreenToad Bed & Breakfast
Stairway to Heaven!

Verne Pershing and his crew designed and constructed a beautiful curving path with steps that is spectacular and beyond expectation. Verne and his crew are prodigious and diligent. They are now working on another project for us which I am sure will be just as extraordinary.

 by Bonnie & David Scott
On Time and On Budget

Verne Pershing has done a wonderful job for us. His crew is fast and skilled, and the job came in on time and on budget. They took a sloped back yard and made a beautiful and functional patio, and we love it. Next up...we are having him put in a waterfall feature next summer! I highly recommend Verne Pershing: The Art of Gardening for your next outdoor project.

 by Kathy and Phil Pollard
Our Koi must think they went to Heaven!

Actually, they are in a Verne Pershing Pond Creation. Before the work ever began, Verne and his creative collaborator Cary Friar, sat, stood, & meandered around our backyard for days – at different times of the day – before ever moving any earth, as their minds formed this creation. Then they shared their plans with us, for which my non-visionary mind could not encompass. Luckily my wife could, and the unearthing began.

Many of the granite rocks showed up on site marked with yellow string, which designated a hand-selected rock with a specific placement in mind. It was amazing to watch the movement and dry setting of the rock, as Verne found the perfect spot for their final placement. Like a magician; a little abracadabra of the pond liner, and within days our pond was born.

All right, maybe a little more work than that; as his team worked for endless hours placing those rocks, moving the earth and finalizing our own unbelievable Verne Pershing Pond Creation. The California Native Habitat landscape capped off the design, many of the plants for which were propagated by Verne.

After having the pond for a week, we have had the opportunity to look closely at the detail. The rocks fit so naturally into the scene; even the hand-selected rock for the waterfall appears to have eroded by the streaming water over countless years, yet really only in place for a week.

We would highly recommend a Pond Creation from Verne Pershing, The Art of Gardening.

 by Tina Fleming
We have been so pleased …

Our backyard needed a do over. It was all grass lawn, needing so much water that when the drought hit we had to stop watering it (Sadly the yard looked about the same). Verne Pershing and his team designed a beautiful garden that within one year is full of beautiful native California plants. They listened to our thoughts and ideas of what we wanted for our yard, then creatively and professionally put together an amazing plan. They were thoughtful about the ecology of the habitat, both plant and wildlife, as well as our budget. They have a full service of skills. Beyond landscaping, they have built a fenced in vegetable garden and installed sheds with concrete pads. I think my yard looks better then some of the worlds famous gardens. Just check out Verne Pershing, The Art of Gardening Facebook page”

 by Laurie & Denny
Beautiful Oasis

We are so enjoying our "new" yard. We have our evening cocktail on the swing and talk about what's next. Thanks for giving us this beautiful oasis to enjoy.

 by Tom Anderson
Watering System Upgrade

Verne is conscientious and his team did a great job upgrading our landscape watering system.

 by Robert Dillon
Pond and Waterfall Expertise

Verne has an excellent crew that can create professional landscaping with an eye to native plants and environments. They have extensive experience in creating ponds and waterfalls that blend well with their surroundings. Getting him to commit to a hard start time for projects can be a challenge, but once he starts he is very dedicated to finishing.

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