Bluff Road

Bluff Road

“…In August 2018, we engaged Verne Pershing to give our front yard a total make over… and the rest, as they say, is history. Mr. Pershing has a pretty vivid imagination, that’s plain to see…

…It’s rare to watch people working on a project like this and not see anyone standing around… From the moment they arrived, they would grab a tool and be off working on something. It’s easy to see that Mr. Pershing treats his workers well as they seem to work well and hard for him.

We highly recommend Mr. Pershing and his crew if you have a project that requires some hard work and a fair amount of imagination. He and his crew are the folks that can handle both.

UPDATE: Our creek-like setting has been in place for a while now, and the plants have matured, so we decided to add a water feature to blend in with what was in place… We already had the larger boulders to be used on our property, so they were moved into place. Verne’s crew did a very good job of tying the water feature and the existing dry creek together so that it looks as though it was all one project and not piece-mealed together. It’s a real nice work of art and a very professional looking project.

Again, if this sounds like something you might like to have in your yard, give Vern Pershing a call. You won’t be disappointed.”