Karma Lane

Karma Lane

“Anyone needing expert landscaping services should begin their project by picking up the phone and contacting Verne Pershing.
I contacted him initially last year to tackle a retaining wall area another contractor started, but it never worked right… Verne, Juan and Rodrigo built a really nicely landscaped 2 tier wall that curves around my pool area. He plated some great Deer Grass with drip irrigation. Just beautiful and so functional.

So this year I called Verne to work his magic again.

I had an old pond in front of the house that had been worked on by several people but never was right. But I loved the pond, it brought frogs in the spring and the sound of the water was pleasing.

Verne suggested we pull down the old pond and build a new one close to my living room, so that I cannot only see it but hear it as well. I can go out my living room door and it’s just right there… I now have a gorgeous 3 level pond with fish that lights up at night. He put in (California native) plants and a sprinkler system to keep everything growing. So beautiful!! He planted sod with a sprinkler system so now I can sit on the lawn if I choose to. The area where the old pond was has been landscaped as well. He left part of the rock as a connecting support to the retaining wall but did it is such a way that it all looks natural with beautiful plants and another drip system.

Needless to say I would highly recommend Verne Pershing for any landscaping need that you might have.” Linda Teter, Placerville, CA 2021″