Pond and Waterfall Maintenance

Why Pond and Waterfall Maintenance Is So Important

There is no such thing as a maintenance-free pond or waterfall, and ornamental ponds typically require professional service. Our pond and waterfall maintenance services will keep your pond balanced and pristine for visitors to enjoy. Here we’ll explain why pond maintenance is so important, and how to ensure you’re giving your pond the attention it needs to stay healthy.

Ponds and waterfalls are a beautiful addition to any outdoor space, but it’s important they stay well-maintained. Let our pond and waterfall professionals maintain the optimal performance of your water features and preserve their beauty year-round.

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Why professional pond and waterfall maintenance matters

A water feature is an investment. With proper maintenance, it is a very valuable one. Regular maintenance is the difference between a stagnant, smelly pond and a soothing water feature that’s brimming with life. Here’s what our professional pond and waterfall care offers, and why pond and waterfall maintenance is not a DIY job:

Protection against debris and organic waste

Maintaining ecological balance in your pond and waterfall is critical. Annual cleaning preserves water clarity by keeping the plant and animal life in and around your pond healthy. Over time, debris from surrounding plants & trees collect and form sludge in your pond and waterfall. If left unaddressed, this could result in harm to fish or other life in your pond and waterfall, and produce unwelcome odors.

Proper materials, filters, and pumps

Without the proper equipment, materials, & expertise, ponds and waterfalls can be challenging to maintain. We specialize in maintaining ornamental landscapes, and have the tools and expertise to deliver cost-effective, efficient service no matter the size of your pond or waterfalls or their needs. We aim to ensure quality cleaning and maintenance that will last, in order to reduce costly fixes down the line. We achieve this by using the right equipment for the job.

Quality structural fixes, lighting, and mechanics

We recommend draining ponds once a year, to clean pond and waterfall surfaces and look for any necessary repairs to the floor, walls, filters or pumps. It’s important to identify structural damages early on to avoid more costly fixes later on. This goes for damages to the pond or waterfalls themselves, or to the pumps and filters that keep it in balance. Ponds and waterfalls benefit from a fresh start every once in a while, and a professional crew can get this done quickly.

Is it time to schedule some TLC?

Ponds and waterfalls require upkeep and proactive monitoring. Professional maintenance ensures balance, and protects the longevity of your investment. Our pond and waterfall maintenance services include biological, mechanical, or chemical fixes and are tailored to each client. From algae control and water treatment, to winterization, our pond and waterfall maintenance professionals bring the best in service and experience to your landscape. Show visitors you care with quality professional pond and waterfall maintenance.

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