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What People are Saying About the ART of Water

We had Verne and his crew update our koi ponds last fall. On the downslope side, they took out the ugly river rock and installed retaining walls and planter areas. There was too much river rock overall, so they removed more rock so that the walkway is just above the water surface. They brought in native plants from Verne’s nursery and planted them around and in the pond and waterfall. Now that it’s spring, the plants have all leafed out and are growing well. The pond area looks much more natural and we’re very happy with the results. We plan to use Verne this year to landscape and plant other areas of our yard.

Verne is conscientious and his team did a great job upgrading our landscape watering system.

Tom Anderson
We are so enjoying our “new” yard. We have our evening cocktail on the swing and talk about what’s next. Thanks for giving us this beautiful oasis to enjoy.
Laurie and Denny
Our backyard needed a do over. It was all grass lawn, needing so much water that when the drought hit we had to stop watering it (Sadly the yard looked about the same). Verne Pershing and his team designed a beautiful garden that within one year is full of beautiful native California plants. They listened to our thoughts and ideas of what we wanted for our yard, then creatively and professionally put together an amazing plan. They were thoughtful about the ecology of the habitat, both plant and wildlife, as well as our budget. They have a full service of skills. Beyond landscaping, they have built a fenced in vegetable garden and installed sheds with concrete pads. I think my yard looks better then some of the worlds famous gardens. Just check out Verne Pershing, The Art of Gardening Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/VernePershingTheArtOfGardening”

Verne has an excellent crew that can create professional landscaping with an eye to native plants and environments. They have extensive experience in creating ponds and waterfalls that blend well with their surroundings. Getting him to commit to a hard start time for projects can be a challenge, but once he starts he is very dedicated to finishing.

Robert Dillon

A Message From The Founder

Verne Pershing, Founder – the Art of Water

Thank you for visiting our website. Our goal is that our work will bring beauty into your life. I look forward to hearing from you and will gladly answer any questions you have. I’m usually at job sites, but I check messages often.