What is a Pondless Waterfall


Pondless Waterfalls are simply a re-circulating waterfall without the presence of a pond. You  can enjoy the sight and sound of running water without the maintenance of a pond.

Waterfalls are the most captivating part of a water garden. In tight spaces, or situations where pond maintenance or safety are an issue, a Pondless Waterfall is a great choice. The name basically explains it all. It’s a waterfall that does not run into a pond. Pondless Waterfalls are simply a re-circulating waterfall, with or without a stream.


Depending on the relative sizes, Pondless waterfalls can cost less than a pond, as there are often less labor & materials involved. Operating costs & maintenance can also be less, because you’re not maintaining an ecosystem.


On a hillside, a Pondless Waterfall is a stunning addition. In a smaller space, a smaller Pondless Waterfall means you can enjoy the soothing effects of a beautiful waterfall without needing space for a pond.


Perhaps the best part of the Pondless Waterfall is the possibility for the future. If you change your mind later, wishing you’d build a pond, that’s ok! If you have enough room around the base of the waterfall, it’s easy to add a pond onto a Pondless Waterfall.

Complete System

A Pondless Waterfall works much like a regular pond. An underground water storage vault at the bottom of the waterfall holds the water which is circulated by a pump that sits on the bottom. A pipe runs from there up to the top of the waterfall, where it runs back down the waterfall & into the reservoir.